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Story of a Panzer – BMW 130i (E87)

In Drives by Mickael

It took me quite some time. To finally get back to my writing boards. But I have finally a good reason for it since a little bit more than four months. You might wonder why it took that long, to just take my computer again and put down all my thoughts on a notepad regarding this car. And the reason …

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XXXIIIth Bugatti Festival 2016

In Gallery by Thomas

Something very unusual happen the Saturday 17th September morning in Kirchzarten. In this small town located in the federal-state of Baden-Württemberg in southwestern Germany, a strange meeting took place in the parking lot of the Volante Museum. It’s in front of that museum, famous for its car collection, that the Enthousiastes Bugatti Alsace (EBA) decide to bring the participant of the 33th …

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6 Hours of Nürburgring 2016

In Gallery, Reports by Thomas

This year we finally had the opportunity to go to the 6 Hours of Nürburgring and what a race ! We will try to make you live this race through this gallery. Photos : Thomas Z. © The Paddock and free try : Lots of actions going around here! The racers push the cars to the limit in order to …

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Harper Type 6

In Drives by Antoine

Everything started from the best way ever. One question. A question that every petrolhead loves to hear. This question what will immediately put a ear to ear smile. THE question : “Would you like to drive it ?” And, like if it was not enough “You will see, the roads are incredibly stunning!”. Well, how to say no ? Flashback, …