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Road Trip : Five days in the middle west

In Lifestyle by Antoine

Take your key. Start your car. Drive. Is not it what a gentlemen driver do when he has time? For this first road trip, let me drive you in Colorado, with a tour from Denver to Salt Lake City. Personally, I did it with a Cobra 289 with a 375 bhp-engine, but the car’s choice is yours.  My aim here …

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Music and driving : one world

In Lifestyle by Luca

“Every passion comes from one single entity : art.” When you see a car or an engine that pleases your eyes, you have that instinctive reaction : “It’s art !”. So I guess every man in this world have a common passion but with different orientations : art. Text : Luca W. © One of these orientations perfectly fits with …

Fabian Oefner’s Disintegrating series

In Lifestyle by Thomas

Are you bored of the classical painting of a car racing on a track or posing in front of a wonderful piece of landscape or a masterpiece of architecture? If you want something different and more spectacular, I got that something that you may love!  Let me introduce you the Disintegrating series by Fabian Oefner. Last November, the M.A.D. (mechanical art …

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Italia Independent

In Lifestyle by Bertrand

Have you ever thought of buying velvet sunglasses ? Or Thermic ones ? Well, it’s now possible, thanks to Lapo Elkann, and his brand : Italia Independent. Text : Bertrand, Images : Italia Independent © Lapo Elkann, born in 1977, is Gianni Agnelli’s grandson. After taking care of Fiat’s marketing, he created Italia Independent in 2007, having partnerships with Alfa Romeo (the Brera …