Blueprints for a perfect decoration

Moving in a new place? Wishing to change your wall/desk decoration? Here are a few, easily printable blueprints and sketches.

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Drying out at the 2019 Chantilly Arts & Elegance – Part II

Moving out of the Aston Martin's corner and after bumping into Jean Todt (President of the FIA and jury for the event) we stood up in front of legendary McLarens: old and new…

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Wiesmann is back!

5 years after closing its doors, German automaker Wiesmann released a teasing picture of its future sports car.

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Lamborghini’s V12 might disappear

According to Georg Kacher, a well sourced journalist, Audi, that owns the bull, wishes to reduce costs and the number of cylindres in the supercars.

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Drying out at the 2019 Chantilly Arts & Elegance – Part I

The biggest classic event of Europe, set in Chantilly, a few kilometres away from Paris, has been quite a success, even with the arid climate: 45°C. We suffered a lot, but passion…

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