Kobe, Gianna Maria (Gigi) Bryant and 7 other people died on Sunday in a helicopter crash in L.A. County, going to a basketball game. The world is mourning their deaths, as Kobe is a sports legend but more than that as he was (is still) a mentor to millions of people, including me. We will remember his relentlessness, work ethics, wiseness and Black Mamba’s mentality, inspiring us every day. It is our duty to honour his life as we can: sharing his collection is a way to do it. We will miss you, may you and Gigi rest in peace. The only tribute we could pay to Kobe Bryant was to share his cars garage. Text: Luca W. ©

Kobe Bryant loved cars and was a great collector, as you can see below the cars that slept in his garage. He especially had a weakness for Italian carmakers, as he used to live in Italy (spoke Italian fluently) when his father played for a Calabria and Emilia-Romagna basketball team. Nonetheless, he was open to many other car manufacturers because he liked diversity, just as his game.

May we meet you again at some place in heaven. Rest In Peace.

For the Mamba.