Paris Live 2014

In Live by Mickael

We’re in Paris and we’re live. Stay tuned for RM Auctions, Bonhams Les Grandes Marques, Retromobile and Artcurial Auctions !
Text : Mickael B. © Images : Quentin H. ©


18:02 : Among other Fiskens lots, they showcased some amazing cars including an Aston Martin DB6 Volante, a Jaguar Type D, a Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Spyder, and this 250 GT Lusso.


17:37 : On Fiskens stand, we stumbled across a big surprise… One of the six originals Bugatti Type 41 Royale.

IMG_015017:11 : Cisitalia are one of the ultimate italian beauties, and is considered as a proper piece of art. It is indeed at the Moma in New York, in its Coupé livery.


16:41 : Two Bugatti Type 57 S were on the show, including a Gangloff Convertible.

IMG_014815:56 : We found four Lamborghini Miuras on sale at Retromobile, including a beautiful red SV, one of the 10 right hand drive factory delivered, and this yellow P400 S.


15:14 : Paris Automobiles features this Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, and it looks like they have some other amazing cars for sale.


15:09 : The Carrosserie François Cointreau includes this blue OSCA which looks in stunning shape.



15:05 : Porsche’s display at Retromobile is mainly focused on their return at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.


14:58 : After a firstquick tout this morning, we’re getting into the details of the Retromobile exhibition this afternoon. Starting with Mercedes-Benz C9 monster alongside its step sisters.


12:01 : We have just arrived at Retromobile !



20:06 : AMAZING ! The hammer just went down for the lot 16, the 1971 Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman six-door Landaulet barn find at 480’000 € ! The estimation was between 80’000 and 120’000 €, but these barn find just get so much interest !

19:55 : Lot 14, the 1940 Horch 853A Sport Cabriolet didn’t find a new owner wth a high bid of 575000 €.

19:48 : The Ferrari 365 GT4 Berlinetta Boxer has just been bought by someone sitting just behind our team. After a little chat, he has apparently alread 80 cars and wants to get to 100 before the end of the year. He won the car at 167500 €.

19:45 : The second car of the sale featuring more than 1000 horsepower, the Bugatti Veyron Gran Sport lot 11 didn’t find a new owner at a high bid of 850’000 €.

19:43 : The most powerful lot of the sale, offered without reserve, the Weineck Cobra, one of only 15 built is a bargain for its new owner, at only 55’000 €.

19:39 : The Lancia Aurelia B24 S Convertible which had been showcased by the Fiat Museum is sold at ita high estimation of 275’000 €.

19:21 : Simon Kidston is in the move for lot 3, the Alfa Romeo Giulia Super Polizia. Sadly though he didn’t get it and was sold for 25’000 € !

19:09 : It has just started and Max Girardo has already sold the Lamborghini Countach artwork by Benedict Radcliffe for 80’000 € !

18:44 : We’re back at RM Auctions in Les Invalides for the big sale, waiting for Max Girardo to start the show !


18:30 : A Rolls-Royce Phantom 1 York Roadster. Perfect for La Croisette in Cannes isn’t it ?


18:18 : How amazing is this Rolls-Royce ? This wooden rear tail gives it a Riva feel which is absolutely stunning !


18:04 : A Delahaye 135 MS Cabriolet alongside a Lagonda V12. Which one would you bid on ?


17:46 : One of our favorite lots from Bonhams is this Mercedes-Benz 500 K Sport Cabriolet, which looks utterly beautiful. Who wouldn’t want to get it on the Champs-Elysees, just a few blocks away from the Grand Palais, its showcase place ?


17:33 : The Delage offered by Bonhams. Do you like it ?


17:23 : Here’s the Bugatti Type 35 we saw two days ago, in its final display before getting a new owner. It looks great although it hasn’t a very clean history.


17:09 : One of our favorite Bonhams lot is this splendid Avions Voisin C23 Berline, which looks new, as it has just been restored. It has one of the typical Voisin Knight sleeve valve engine that we featured in one of our Today’s daily post.


16:52 : Apart from the highlighted Ferrari 275 GTB/4 Berlinetta, there aren’t much other “big” Ferraris on sale at Bonhams. Two Mondials, two 308, a 456 and this 575 Maranello which is one of the very few factory delivered with the manual gearbox.


16:41 : Ford GT40 Replica. Sadly a replica only, we would have loved to see an original car on display. Even the one showcased at Retromobile is a rebuild. So no opportunity this year to see a real GT40.


16:22 : Bonhams is offering quite a few Corvettes as well for sale. Apart from the Sting Ray Convertible we saw earlier this morning, this 1956 first generation with the grilled front lamps, is one of the notable american legend offered by the english auction house.


15:57 : The de Tomaso Pantera, one of the seventies best sports car hasn’t lost any of its past glamour. I mean, just look at it…


15:21 : Bonhams has a lot more pre-war cars for sale than RM Auctions, including a few Rolls-Royces.


15:07 : A nice purple Alfa Romeo Coupé is on display, waiting for its new owner…


14:45 : One of Bonham’s highlighted lot is the Porsche 962 Prototype Jägermeister.


14:32 : A quite rare Porsche Speedster is for sale at Bonhams auction.


14:21 : Apart from RM, Bonhams is selling its own Aston Martin DB2, although this is not a racing one.


14:02 : After a short lunch, we’re back, with a nice Mercedes-Benz 220 SE Convertible.


12:07 : Beautiful Porsche 356 1600 Super in a blue / red livery.


11:57 : Nice Jaguar E Type, one of the very few convertibles for sale here in Paris.


11:37 : Third barn find of Bonhams sale is this Facel Vega HK2. Would you buy it for restoration or just do a preservation ?


11:21 : French sale, french cars, there are Citroen DS everywhere at Bonhams…


11:04 : This Harley Davidson is truely stunning, so we had to post a picture.


10:50 : A few motorbikes here at Bonhams, including a magnificent custom Harley-Davidson…


10:37 : Another restoration project on this Alfa Romeo 6C.


10:15 : The playboy’s car, a Cadillac Eldorado, in a pink livery.


09:42 : Amazing barn find ! Cisitalia 202 Cabriolet


09:17 : Today’s first dilemna… Mercedes 190 SL or Corvette Sting Ray Convertible ?


08:52 : We are back live from Le Grand Palais for the Bonhams Sale !



18:03 : The original bodywork of the Ferrari 750 Monza to be auctionned tomorrow couldn’t fit on the chassis anymore technically it seems, after it was discovered as a barn find in 1994. Although the owner ordered a nee body from Scaglietti to the exact dimensions of the original one, he never destroyed it, preferring to keep it.


17:32 : Lancia Delta Integrale HF. As this car has been restored, the engine looks new !


17:19 : The Pullman Landaulet barnfind. That’s a rusty engine.


17:15 Schneider 4.5 litre

It’s a sleeve valve Knight engine like in the Voisins automobiles


17:07 : Lancia Appia Cabriolet


16:59 : The Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Engine


16:52 : The Gordini V8


16:45 : The Lagonda V12


16:39 : Delahaye 135 S Engine


16:31 : Mighty engine from the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Convertible


16:24 : The Aston Martin DB2’s six cylinder in line engine.


16:16 : The F40’s mighty twin-turbocharged V8.


16:03 : Jaguar Type D six cylinder dry sump, Weber carburettor engine.


15:58 : Time to open a few bonnets and see what’s inside !

15:33 : The second Bugatti of the RM Paris Auctions, a Bugatti Type 40.


15:20 : One of the most amazing barn finds in years : one of fourteen Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman Landaulet. This particular car has been forgotten for more than thirty years, before being rediscovered and put back on sale.


15:08 : Here’s RM Auctions main highlight, the Gordini Type 24S which raced everywhere possible, with its truck.


14:55 : The ultimate rallying experience can be provided with group B cars. Just look at this beautiful Lancia 037 in Martini livery and you’ll understand why !


14:46 : The first and only Lancia Delta Integrale to have been restored to our knowledge. It looks new and fresh from the dealership !


14:22 : This Ferrari 365 BB is an excellent restoration project basis, better than a Testarossa, and rarer than a 512BB.


14:18 : Today’s curiosity is certainly this AC Cobra prepared by mad german engineer Weineck to 1100 horsepower – more than a Bugatti Veyron – to the rear wheels by a 780 cubic inches – more than 12 liters capacity – V8 supercharged engine. Crazy !


14:13 : Want to be Johnny Hallyday at the Monte Carlo 1967 ? You can buy the exact same livery car he used back then and simply go and race it ! A 1965 Ford Mustang 289 Racing Car.


14:02 : A long wheelbased Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Cabriolet. Stunning.


13:49 : The Aston Martin DB2/4 Mark 3, the first Aston Martin with the typical grille we know on the british sports cars.


13:35 : One of the very few first 1952 Alfa Romeo 1900C Sprint.


13:28 : We might have found the best color combination for a convertible Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roadster, don’t you think ?


13:24 : The Lamborghini Miura S converted to SuperVeloce specifications, quite badly I have to say although it is still a Miura, so one of the most beautiful cars ever.


12:59 : Max Girardo explaining the Delahaye 135S to a japanese customer. Always enthusiast and passionate. Amazing man.


12:45 : An other Le Mans racing car, but which finished second, the Peugeot 908 HDI.


12:34 : One of two Bugatti of the RM auctions, a Veyron Gran Sport, with some special individual details, ordered by the owner at the factory, like the mention on the doors and the interior of the number 669.


12:16 : The Porsche 956, which finished third place at Le Mans, beautiful in the Rothmans livery.


12:09 : Is the 599XX the perfect track car ?


12:00 : Modern yet already a classic. Considered as the greatest supercar of all times. The Ferrari F40. And this one has a very special option : leather seats, which give it a little luxury touch.


11:49 : The Aston Martin DB2. One of the first Aston of the David Brown era, absolutely stunning in this blue color, and ready to race !


11:37 : One of the very rare Alfa Romeo Formula One. It even has the fabulous V12, and is actually quite a bargain !


11:22 The Lancia Flaminia Super Sport Zagato, one of the most desirable sports coupé from the italian brand, and in superb condition.


11:10 : Ever dreamt of driving of police car ? Thanks to RM Auctions, this Alfa Romeo Giulia Super Polizia Squadra Volante can be all yours for an estimated 20’000 € !


11:01 : A classic collector’s choice, the Lancia Aurelia B24S, chassis B24S-1333 estimated quite low we think, although it isn’t one of the more desirable America Spider version.


10:56 : It couldn’t be a french sale at The Retromobile week without a Citroen DS Cabriolet !


10:17 : Here’s one of the highlights ! The Ferrari 750 Monza, with its original bodywork…


10:04 : We’re in !


09:48 : We have just arrived at les Invalides, waiting for RM Auctions to open its doors.



We decided to get on the move to check out if cars were arriving and as soon as we got to the Grand Palais, a dozen of trucks from CARS were waiting to unload their magical lots.

21:45 : Just arrived and there’s the Bugatti Type 35 being unloaded !


Damn it is absolutely stunning even though it is a Type 37 reconverted. Seems like the belgium owner has four trucks full of cars arriving for the sale !


22:14 Here’s one of the very rare E Type 4.2 liter Series 3, waiting to get inside the Grand Palais !


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