There are many things I hate in this world. Two of them a clearly rumours and automotive change. In this article, we’re going to deal with change. Why ? Simply because Ferrari’s CEO, Amedeo Felisa has revealed some details about a new turbocharged V8 engine… I don’t think I’m a purist, but is it really the right way ?

Text : Luca W. Images : Ferrari

Originally, Ferrari was all about one letter and two digits : V, and 12. Throughout the years, the V8s were introduced – on roadcars since the 308 GT4 in 1974 – but all of them were naturally aspirated. So why did turbos draw Ferrari’s attention ? You would imagine it was because of Formula 1, or maybe because almost every car brand did it, but no. Back in the 1980s, Ferrari wanted to enter the group B rally and hired the services of engineer Nicola Materazzi, who had already worked on the legendary Lancia Stratos.  Building the 288 GTO, he decided to take the 3 litre V8 from the standard 308 GTB, and fitted it with two turbos. This car was such a hit that when Enzo Ferrari decided to build a car for the 40th Anniversary of his brand, he encouraged Materazzi to keep this solution and builded the mighty F40.

Turbocharged engines bring advantages to the car and its driver. In fact, it greatly reduces fuel consumption and raises up power performance at every engine regime level. AMG for instance, have switched from their 6.3 litre atmospheric V8 to their 5.5 litre (although still calling their cars 63) turbocharged version, which has a better output. We can see the same evolution with BMW which cars now have the 4.8 litre twin-turbocharged V8 instead of the greedy 5 litre V10, or Audi which has switched their 5.2 litre V10 for a 4 litre twin-turbocharged V8. It seems like the only italian brand which has resisted the turbocharger invasion is Lamborghini, but we might see the apparition of a turbocharged V8 in the Gallardo’s replacement…

What about sound ? What is it going to be, a Ferrari which whistles ? Is the sound going to be more gorgeous than the actual 458 Italia ? I think not. But, it’s not going to be Ferrari’s first turbocharged V8. One letter and two digits, still : F, four and zero – F40 -. The one. The best car you probably can drive, and which gives you the ultimate driving experience. Her gorgeous bodykit and she – yes, I think this car has a soul – was simply made for two purposes : velocity and aggro. She’s like a panther : a beautiful, sweet and strange animal with big eyes in the outside, but extremely dangerous, feline -obviously- and possessive in the inside, you don’t want to get out of her.

Mickael B. : “The biggest threat I have concerning turbocharged solution was when BMW decided to add turbochargers to their holy straight six engines. These atmospheric straight-six were part of the Munich’s brand’s history and myth. If they had kept the standard version and fitted the turbo on option, everything would have been fine. Purists and afficionados of BMW’s greatest hit could still have one of their favorite engines, but it is not possible anymore. I am not afraid about Ferrari since they have always made great engines, and have full confidence in their engineers building a great car. We have to live with our time, and forgive our automotive brands having to add turbochargers and downsizing all of their engines to meet EU emissions regulations. So for all of us, atmospheric car engines lovers, we only have one solution : buying used !”

According to Ferrari’s CEO, the V8 turbocharged engine might debut in the California next generation, which is expected to be launched by the end of 2014. If you’d like to see more about the new model and the new engine, check out this video :

Anyway, Mr. Felisa has ensured that the V12 engine won’t be married to turbos and will remain naturally aspirated. Finally a great news !