5 years after closing its doors, German automaker Wiesmann released a teasing picture of its future sports car. Text: Luca W. © Photo: Wiesmann via Autorai ©

Toyota and Morgan will not be the only BMW engine customer (with the Supra and the Plus Six respectively), as a new competitor should come and rise, like a Phoenix.

The new Wiesmann should have arrived in 2017 as a partnership with BMW has been made. The teaser shows that the brand chose to keep the original shape – two doors, front engine, retro – and is slated to make its debut at the 2019 Frankfurt Motorshow, in September. It should be fitted with the BMW S63 V8 (from the BMW M5) that develops 600HP and 625 Nm. This is a big step forward, as the last model (the GT MF4-CS) was fitted with the BMW M3 E92 engine, which developed 420HP. 200 horsepower later, we can not wait.