Tell us you never have had this kind of conversation with friends: “Considering this condition, what do you buy?”. This week, the only requirement is a maximum budget of 60’000€ (66’000$, 54’000£, 64’000 CHF). With this amount of money, all cars are permitted, even toys. What car do you choose for your market pick? Text: Mickael B., Luca W. © Images: Automobili Eleganza, Porsche, Fiat, Tesla ©

Oldtimer market pick: Porsche or Alfa?

As a Porsche and more specifically a 911 enthusiast, it is quite easy to choose. No need to describe nor the legendary story, nor the state-of-the-art technology the car is (maybe was). After thinking about it for a couple of minutes, there are so many other options: modern, sports, classic, elegant, it is really a matter of taste. Of course, almost everyone loves the mid-2000 AMGs, BMW Ms and other burnout machines. Of course, almost everyone loves the modern supercars and AMGs showing off in the streets of Monaco and London (surely not the residents) but we need a mixture of classic, sport and elegant cars.

Actually, the choice is not that easy: for 60.000€, it is also viable to buy a magnificent Alfa Romeo (Giulia) GT Veloce (or a Sprint GT Scalino because why not), shy of approximately a 100HP from the 3.2-litre 911, yet way more seductive. With the Visconti Dragon, it is impossible to resist.

Nonetheless, the 911 has sharper tools: it is more suitable for racetracks and can still be a GT, while the Alfa, with an appealing simplicity, fulfills your needs just by looking at it. An eternity later, I got to choose the 911 Alfa 911 Alfa 911, definitely.

Porsche for sale

Talking about this one: it is almost perfect: all black, Fuchs rims, sports steering wheel and most importantly, matching number (Porsche CoA). Obviously, it comes with a five-gauge cluster (1 more than the Alfa!) and the legendary left ignition key, coming from the illustrous racing history Porsche has. Furthermore, it is so well-equipped: sunroof, provided with original steering wheel and radio, air conditioning (not so important), original toolkit and so on. Unquestionably a very interesting offer for a car market pick.

Youngtimer market pick: Mercedes

60 grand for an old boxy Mercedes? You must be crazy, you’d tell me. And you’d be absolutely right, but this is no ordinary Mercedes. This is a W210 E-Class, and even more, this is an AMG. Better still, it has only 3000 original kilometers. For a 1997 car. The W124 E-Class have so much risen in value, it’s only fair to think the W210s are next. For the same budget as this W210 E50, you could barely get a high mileage E500 of the previous generation, which was designed together with Porsche. This E50, was designed by AMG, following their traditional motto: One man, one engine. It was as well the last AMG with the majority of manufacturing operations performed at Affalterbach, birthplace of AMG. W210s have that old, solid, squared design which you either love or hate.

Personally I love it. It’s so discreet, and apart from the small badges, wide wheel arches, and two exhausts, this could be your normal E430. Plus, W210s are so special to drive, especially in these AMG versions. There were quite a few AMG versions of the W210, all naturally aspirated V8. A 5.0 liter (the E50), the 6.0 liter (E60), an extremely rare 6.3 liter (rumor says only 12 were built).

One of the good points of the W210s was that they were reliable, solid cars. Probably much more than modern AMGs, and their production numbers were much lower, specially considering their rivals at the time, the E39 BMW M5 had almost double more production units per year. The AMG might not have the exhilarating pleasure you would get from the manual gearbox of the E39, nor the same chassis stiffness, but that engine made the E50 the perfect autobahn long distance cruiser.

Mercedes for sale


Modern market pick: Tesla

Second-hand Tesla’s are becoming affordable. And in terms of performance, a low mileage P90 D for under 60’000 € might just be the best price to performance ratio you could ever get. With over 750 electric horsepower and a million torque available right from 0 rpm, you could smoke about any hypercar on the planet on a quarter mile or 400 meters drag race. If you’re looking to a cheap and fast way to get into an electric car, this might just be the right market pick, at the same price as a new Model 3 but offering a ton more of performance.


Tesla for sale


Bertrand’s market pick: Fiat

If you think Italian Coupe, from the mid-seventies, designed by Pininfarina, you’re probably thinking it’s an unaffordable prancing horse. But no. This is a Fiat 130 Coupé, that could be yours for 27’000 €. Half the budget! And it’s been fully restored as suggests the photos. In addition, it’s from the pre-series more desirable version, being number 8, a lucky number for a lot of people. Presented in original Metallic Blu over Pella Frau Crema leather, you could have yourself a taste of what it was to be Gianni Agnelli for a price of a new Golf 8. Don’t think twice. Go and get that Golf 8.

Fiat 130 for sale