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Art and the automotive culture

In Lifestyle by Fabian

The human touch was once expected in society, a requirement that sadly disappeared with advance of industrialization. Nowadays hand made products have become a luxury and the majority of those companies, using these traditional methods of manufacturing have to struggle to survive. The automotive industry has converged towards an increasing and mutually share will among managers to optimize synergy effects. …

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Road Trip : Five days in the middle west

In Lifestyle by Antoine

Take your key. Start your car. Drive. Is not it what a gentlemen driver do when he has time? For this first road trip, let me drive you in Colorado, with a tour from Denver to Salt Lake City. Personally, I did it with a Cobra 289 with a 375 bhp-engine, but the car’s choice is yours.  My aim here …

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Music and driving : one world

In Lifestyle by Luca

“Every passion comes from one single entity : art.” When you see a car or an engine that pleases your eyes, you have that instinctive reaction : “It’s art !”. So I guess every man in this world have a common passion but with different orientations : art. Text : Luca W. © One of these orientations perfectly fits with …

Fabian Oefner’s Disintegrating series

In Lifestyle by Thomas

Are you bored of the classical painting of a car racing on a track or posing in front of a wonderful piece of landscape or a masterpiece of architecture? If you want something different and more spectacular, I got that something that you may love!  Let me introduce you the Disintegrating series by Fabian Oefner. Last November, the M.A.D. (mechanical art …

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Italia Independent

In Lifestyle by Bertrand

Have you ever thought of buying velvet sunglasses ? Or Thermic ones ? Well, it’s now possible, thanks to Lapo Elkann, and his brand : Italia Independent. Text : Bertrand, Images : Italia Independent © Lapo Elkann, born in 1977, is Gianni Agnelli’s grandson. After taking care of Fiat’s marketing, he created Italia Independent in 2007, having partnerships with Alfa Romeo (the Brera …