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500 Nocturnes

In Reports by Thomas

A night race of 500 kilometers is it really reasonable? We verified it on the ring of the Rhine, answer at the end of the article! Text and Photos: Thomas Z. © During the 34th Festival Bugatti we discover the ‘500 nocturnes’. If you are fluent in French, the name speaks for itself: 500 for 500 kilometers and ‘nocturne’ for …

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NAIAS 2019

In Gallery, Reports by Mickael

Welcome to our report and gallery of the 2019 North American International Autoshow, aka the NAIAS 2019. Text & Photos: Mickael B. © It was my first time in Detroit. I had always considered the Motor City as one of the main automotive Meccas I had to visit at least once. The North American International Autoshow presented the perfect opportunity …

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McLaren Speedtail: the heir is born

In Reports by Luca

In 1993, Gordon Murray and Ron Dennis both agreed to build the fastest supercar of the era, based on Murray’s concept. After many months of architecture development and adjustment, the chassis was born. Obviously, it would have been a waste not to put the BMW S70/2 V12 engine from Formula 1.  A reference was born, and would be absolute for …

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Montée des Légendes 2018

In Gallery, Reports by Thomas

An event that could have been the best of the year, incredible cars with legendary drivers, how can it ever go wrong? Text & Photos: Thomas Z. The Race Located in France, this race took place in the ‘Col de la Faucille’, close to Gex. Known as one of the best road in the region, it was a perfect choice for …