Don’t you ever dream of a high-reving rotary engine? Or super saiyan in-line 6? Maybe you’d prefer unique style or handling. Japanese cars are special and we all wish to have one in our garage. Japan automotive industry is so big, full of talents and so passionate that it is impossible not to understande the purpose of these cars: pleasure. What if you’d have to choose this market pick: an illegal Japanese car, with unlimited budget, that can’t go on public roads (except in Japan)? Here are our choices. Text: Mickael B., Luca W. Thomas Z. ©

A dirty market pick

Among Japanese legends, there is only one (or two) dealing with Pleiades star cluster. You guessed it. Subaru (with the great help of ProDrive) won 3 World Rally Championships with Colin McRae, Richard Burns and Petter Solberg. The one we are about to deal with is already sold sadly but gives you a good market trend. Petter Solberg’s 2007 Subaru Impreza WRC S12B took part in 6 rounds of the WRC. The car is also accompagnied by the FIA Gold Book, mentioning its serial number: PRO.GDB.06.014. Petter Solberg finished second and third in Portugal and Greece, making the #014 a part of WRC history.

Finally, Subaru decided the very next season will be the last, making the 2007 S12B one of the most advanced car, technologically speaking. Kind of obvious, knowing ProDrive is behind it.

We know we are not quite on topic, as all WRC cars are road legal. Nonetheless, we believe it is rarer than a tuned moped-scooter.

Subaru WRC S12B sold

Sideways and smiling

To me, Japanese cars are all about one thing. Drift. It might sound a little bit cliché but since I saw Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift, I had a bit of a revelation. So I would go for a fully prepared Toyota Supra like the one below. I know Japan has much more automotive culture than just drift, but I’ve always loved going sideways. And what better car to go sideways?

Tuned Toyota Supra sold on Racecarsdirect

A tuned Japanese car as market pick

When I heard that the challenge was to find Japanese car that can’t be drove on the road two choices came to my mind: a tuned Supra or a tune R35 GTR. But those were not exotic enough in my own opinion for this challenge, I wanted a car where I can picture myself listening eurobeat just by seating inside it. And here it is: a track only Silvia with everything you want a japanese car to have: different front and back rims, aerokit and a color that could be featured in any anime. You also love this car ? Then be quick because this car is on auction and will be sold on September the 2th!

Nissan Silvia 1993 full tune for auction