We heard the rumors a few weeks ago, and were expecting a new Z from Nissan. The japanese manufacturer just revealed its Nissan Z Proto and it a vibrant hommage to the original Datsun. Text: Mickael B. © Photos: Nissan ©

The 350Z and 370Z have become automotive icons

Replacing the 350Z and 370Z, which have almost become automotive icons, will not be an easy task for Nissan. Inspired by the Datsun Coupes from the seventies, they were a great – and cheap – sports car alternative for anyone looking for a six cylinder GT. Plus, you could mod them, customize them to transform them into almost anything you want. From lowered show cars, to super sharp track weapons or ultimate sideways drift machines, you could pick anything you liked.

It hits all the points right on target

The new car is quite different in terms of looks to what we were used to with the 350 / 370. The moment you look at it, you’ll get the clue. It’s an almost perfect reinterpretation of the original Datsun 240Z. The one that started it all. Just as the BMW Z8 was a flawless redesign of the original 507 this concept hits all the points right on target. The front face with the square grille, the side proportions, and rear panel are all reminiscent of its ancestor. Personally, I really like it. Well done Nissan.

Toyota beware – the proto features a manual gearbox

The japanese manufacturer is only sharing the looks of this new prototype. Although nothing has been confirmed yet, rumor has it that underneath the bonnet is a brand new 3.0 liter V6 twin-turbo engine. Best part of it? The only interior shot features a 6-speed manual gearbox. That is a serious advantage to its – already targeted – biggest rival, the Toyota GR Supra. The final name of the production car should be Nissan 400Z and we can’t wait to see its final form on the road!

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