After 2 years of waiting, the International Concours of Elegance Saint Moritz is finally back for its second edition! The concept is as brilliant as it’s simple: very special and unique cars sliding on the frozen lake of Saint Moritz. We really enjoyed seeing some amazing classics such as the Ferrari 250 GTO or the Jaguar XKSS. Those two cars should have received the drift king price. However, the Concours lacked in some modern cars such as the CLK GTR or 911 GT1 that were teased for the original second edition. Nevertheless, the edition gave us some hope for a better third edition. Text and images: Thomas Z. ©

The International Concours of Elegance Saint Moritz

With temperatures between -10°C and -16°C, this was certainly the coldest event we ever attended, but it was worth it. Usually, concours of elegance events take place in a beautiful garden, such as the one of Chantilly. Another one, closer to the sea, is Pebble beach, but this is not fair to some cars as it has to contrast with the green color to stand out. What it’s pleasant with snow is that it reveals what the designer had in mind. In fact, it is easily perceivable how the car behaves, and what was behind the white sheet of paper. That’s a part of the magic of that event. But the best part is, of course, the sliding !

The pit lane

The track