With more than 110 World and European Premieres, the 88th Geneva Motorshow looks to be a very promising edition. Welcome to our quick review and gallery of this edition. Text & Photos : Thomas Z.

There’s electricity in the air.

Despite the new concepts that promise to have more than 1000 hp and the hardcore version of the current supercars, what was striking in this 88th edition was the number of electric cars and the effort most of the manufacturer did to look ‘ecofriendly’, it has been a trend for many years now but during this edition it was even more obvious. Many exhibitors even add trees near their cars to insist on their commitment to make sustainable transport for all.  The Formula E was also very present in this edition. Finally Rimca unveils its new electric hypercar, the C2, with 1888 hp and a top speed of 250 mph, it may be not the best car to use on a hillclimb.

To the track we go !

If the McLaren Senna was not enough for you, McLaren revealed its new Track-Only car, the Senna GTR concept. It will shared the same engine than the Senna but with track only modification to increase the torque and power. The body kit also changes to increase the downforce. Exact technical details of the McLaren Senna GTR will be confirmed later in 2018, but as the manufacturer stated: ” It will be the most extreme McLaren ever.”

In the road legal category, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche came with their improved sports car: The 488 GTB, the Huracán Performante Spyder and the 991.2 GT3 RS. Bugatti came with a sportier version of the Chiron called ‘Chiron Sport’, same engine but lighter and with an improved wheelbase, a modern Bugatti than can compete on the track ?

Thousands of horsepower

New in the car industry, Corbellati exhibits the ‘Missile’ which they defined as the ”most powerful hypercar in the world”. With 1800 hp, 2350 Nm of torque and the aim to exceed 500 km/h, will it be another concept showed in Geneva that we will never heard of again or will it defined a new era in the car industry ? Hennessey exhibits the Venom F5 for the first time in Geneva, with 1600 hp, the aim is this time more reasonable: 300 mph (~ 483 km/h).


To qualify this edition, we will use a picture as it is worth a thousand word.

Magnus Walker
Magnus Walker

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