The Revival of Goodwood is probably the only historic race. Le Mans Classic, Spa Classic, Silverstone Classic, these are as much demonstrations as you want, but the Revival is unique. This is a melting pot of some real races with some real battles, a huge free range museum with the club parking, a come back to the sixties with the dress code, and a historic aerial show. In one word, this is incredible ! Let’s go for the first immersion in the Goodwood Revival…

Text and Pictures : Antoine

Part 1 : First preview of the 2015’s Goodwood Revival

The first suprising thing when you arrive is the parking where you can easely find a Ferrari 365 GTB Daytona, some Morgan, an Aston Martin DB4 GT, or some other cars like that. The second striking thing is the people. Goodwood is famous for the dress code asked to the spectators but the first time you see it is just astonishing. Every body play along with the dress code, this is a incredible come back to the fifties/sixties for a week-end’s time.

Something you have to manage when you participate to the Revival is the fact that you will not be able to see everything or to do everything. At Goodwood, you will see an hord of Ford GT40, before you will fall on a huge group of old Ferrari from the fifities, after having seen a lot of things as a plethora of Rolls Royces, a Mercedes 500k or a lot of old Spitfire planes from the Wolrd War Two. All of it in…5minutes.

The Revival is also one the best historic racing course in the world, with a lot a small 20-minute races, a one hour long RAC TT Celebration and the 1.5-hour opened sport prototype race on friday evening, including this year a lot of great racing car as Jaguar C-Type, Austin Healey 100S, Aston Martin DB3(-S) some Bristol and Tojeiro, etc.

This year was the anniversary of the iconic Cobra Daytona. Six of them were built and the six cars had never been together in their entire life. But, impossible is not Goodwood, so this year, for this particular anniversary, they were all together, lined up, for the really first time ! Be part of this moment was unbelievable ! We will have the chance to see them more in our second part.

The Earls Court is a place where you are supposed to translate in an historic automotive Salon. This year was a special Ferrari Salon, with a great number of Ferrari 250 (Tour de France, GTO, LM, SWB,…), a 166MM, a 365 GTB”Daytona” or the modern supercars as the F40, F50 and LaFerrari. The Salon had also 2 Porsche, a Maserati 250F, some Aston Martin and BMW.

Let’s return outside, and let’s see the racetrack. It was built at the end of the second Word War on the airfield which was a important base for the Allies. The military heritage is present in all the event and it is not suprising to find retired soldiers, pilotes or mechanics speaking together. This Year, close to 40 Spitfire planes were on the Airfield to celebrate the 70 years of the Great Britain Battle.

To conclude this first part of the 2015 Goodwood Revival, I would like to show you one again some racing cars in action with the Fordwater Trophy and the Goodwood Trophy.