One of the most famous hillclimb in Switzerland took place this 26th and 27th of August. With an amazing view on the Alps, the quiet and peaceful woods and grasslands between Ollon and Villars were filled with tremendous sound of the exhaust of some Motorsport’s legends. The revival of a race, considered as one of  the major round of the FIA European Mountain Champions could only be fascinating. Text & Images: Thomas Z. ©

What is Ollon – Villars ?

The road from the vineyards of Ollon to the skiing resort of Villars use to be a round of the European Hill Climb championship. With about twenty corners, including seven hairpins, the 8 kilometers is not an easy path, as it can be seen on the figure below. But what a view ! Between woods, vineyards and grasslands with the view on the Alps, no driver will complain.

Ollon Villars Hillclimb path track

As stated in the title, this event is a revival. In the beginning of the 70s, the main manufacturers lost interest on European Hill Climb championship, the number of spectators has declined and unfortunately this hillclimb, with many others, stopped. Ten runs where made on this road from 1953 up to 1971, with the final hill record of 3’47”05 made by François Cevert  on a Tecno F2.

The Ollon Villars record keeper Tecno F2 ex Cevert
Tecno F2 Ex Cevert 1600 cc 1971 (Record holder)

This year was the 7th revival, the previous revival were hold in 1998, 2001, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.

Which cars to expect

7 different series where register this year

Among them some legend of the Motorsport were present, such as the Sauber C9, 2 Ford GT40 R, Bugatti 35B , Ferrari 250 GT-R, ‘some’ Porsche 911 2.7 RS, Alpine A110, R8 gordhini, AC Cobra and many more. The 1971 Tecno F2, with which Francois Cevert set the fastest time, was also on the track.

The spirit of Ollon Villars

Beautiful landscapes and great cars, what else should we expect ? Passion. Every participant shares the same passion of the cars as we do. The general atmosphere was just incredible. Spectators and participants were respectful and ready to share their passion. If you want to see fantastic car, hear motor’s melodies and learn stories about cars (and bikes) it was definitely the place to be. I will end this post with two pictures that I believe summarizes the spirit of the Ollon Villars revival.

Here is our gallery of the 7th Ollon Villar revival. This gallery is a picture selection of the event. You didn’t find your car in this gallery? Send us an e-mail with your car specs and we will have a look! (Full post)  Images: Thomas Z. ©

Ollon – Villars gallery