Recently put in the spotlight thanks to the popular show Emily in Paris, the Luberon region of France still has many surprises to be discovered, including Mathieu Lustrerie’s chandelier workshop. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Porsche 911, Mathieu has decided to combine his creations with a selection of 40 Porsches and expose them for all to see, including one is has not presented yet. Welcome to an extraordinary universe of Porsches and chandeliers, courtesy of Mathieu Lustrerie. Text and photos: Thomas Z. ©

The exhibition

When I mentioned 40 Porsche, you would expect some average 911, Cayman, Boxster and maybe a special model or two. But no. We had the opportunity to see some Le Mans-winning cars, many limited editions, and even the new 992 GT3 RS before its official public release, at the Porsches and chandeliers workshop!

The 911 992 GT3 RS

There she is! The new Porsche 2022 911 GT3 RS. With its 525 BHP and 1,450 kg, it’s the fifth-fastest car on the Nürburgring, with an impressive 6:49.328 minutes at the time of writing. The aerodynamics of the car are so impressive that the 911 GT3 RS will achieve, at 285 km/h, a total downforce of 860 kilograms – in other words, three times as much as a 911 GT3!

The public

As a Porsche enthusiast, I could easily say that this exhibition blew my mind, especially with the cars illuminated by those amazing chandeliers. The variety of the cars was what you would expect from the best car museum, but here they were, in a great workshop. What really impressed me, though, was the decision of the owner, Regis Mathieu, to make this exhibition free and available to everyone. Regis told me that he simply wished to share his passion with the residents of his region, as it had mostly been advertised in the local news.

Most likely, by the time this article is released, the exhibition will have ended. Surely, this won’t be the last one. What will be the next brand to be exhibited?

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