We always like when automotive brands decide to interpret in modern days their legacy, and we wonder if the upcoming Porsche Speedster is a valuable descendent of the iconic 550 Spyder. Text : Luca W. Images : Porsche ©

The very first time I saw the 550 Spyder, I was a child. Actually it was virtual. My parents bought me the brand new Need for Speed game for Christmas : Need for Speed Porsche 2000. I probably contracted my illness of cars from that game, who knows.

The Great Porsche 550 Spyder, the famous racing car of the early 50s. It was mainly known for its design shape, but most of all its mechanic and incredible top speed : 218 km/h. The 550 Spyder was born from the 356 Spyder ashes, which wasn’t that competitive on track or roads. One year later its creation, (1954), it won the famous Carrera Panamericana race, driven by Hans Herrmann, also pilot for Mercedes-Benz in Formula 1 at the state.

Actually, its name wasn’t chosen on purpose. In fact, the denomination “Spider – Spyder” was a tribute to Piero Diuso, who freed Ferdinand Porsche from jail during World War II. Again another story of Porsche, that is stunning.


Anyway, let’s talk about the future 911 Speedster. As said before, it will be inspired by the 550 Spyder.
According to some sources, many elements will inherit the 550 Spyder identity, such as the hidden door handles, with a soft manual top. These are all the elements that we know for the moment ; not a word from Porsche about the engine and performances. If we base ourselves on the previous Speedster, then the new one could have the 3.8 liters engine, as the Carrera S model.

We’ll probably wait early 2015 to discover this new jewel.