A week ahead of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Aston Martin has unveiled the all-new Aston Martin Valour, a fitting tribute to its 110th birthday. It not only pays homage to Aston Martin’s iconic design language, but also encapsulates the brand’s essence as a quintessentially British, front-engined automobile. The Aston Martin Valour represents a seamless fusion of timeless aesthetics and the enduring spirit that defines the marque. Text: Luca W. © Images: Aston Martin ©

For discerning car enthusiasts, the aesthetics of the Aston Martin Valour may evoke a sense of familiarity, and rightly so. It bears a resemblance to its elder sibling, the Aston Martin Victor, which could be seen as its twin in terms of overall design. Some may view it as a mere production replica of the Victor, but we can not reduce it to that role, can we?

A purist’s Aston Martin at last

Aston Martin knows the profound significance of equipping the Valour with a bespoke 6-speed manual gearbox, catering to potential owners who cherish the true essence of the driving experience. At Automobili Eleganza, we share the sentiment that a manual transmission transcends mere functionality; it embodies an absolute connection between driver and machine. With the gear lever in hand and the gentle touch of the clutch pedal, one becomes the conductor of this symphony of power.

The heart of the Valour is a 5.2-litre twin-turbo V12 engine, delivering a 705 HP and 715 Nm of torque to the rear wheels, igniting the driver’s spirit.


Do you still don’t know the differences between HP, BHP, CV/PS? Here is our full explanation.

Aston Martin also pays homage to its history through the design of the Valour. Drawing inspiration from iconic models such as the original V8 Vantage and the RHAM/1 ‘Muncher’ Le Mans racer from 1980, the Valour embodies the timeless heritage and racing pedigree of Aston Martin.

A muscled, distinctive design

The design of the Valour recalls the aesthetic elements of the 1980s, incorporating distinctive features that reflect this era. One notable design detail is the presence of twin NACA ducts on the expansive bonnet, serving to cool the potent V12 engine nestled within.

The front end showcases the timeless appeal of round LED headlights, skilfully integrated to accentuate the iconic grille shape. Enhancing both form and function, the large carbon fibre intakes on either side of the grille provide ample airflow to the engine and brakes, ensuring optimal performance.

Inspired by the iconic, muscle cars from our past

Simon Newton, Aston Martin’s Director of Vehicle Performance

To truly grasp Simon Newton’s statement, one must navigate a semicircular path and direct their gaze towards the rear end of the Valour. Here, a commanding presence is established by the imposing Kamm tail, introducing sleek and captivating tail lights that exude a sense of power, inspired by the Valkyrie.

Aston Martin Valour rear view

Accentuating the performance-driven nature of the vehicle, the carbon fibre diffuser takes centre stage, channelling and redirecting the high-energy airflow. In a display of engineering finesse, a triple tailpipe exhaust system, with pipes less than 1 mm thin, emerges from the diffuser, completing the rear aesthetic with a touch of precision.

Still a performance car

While the Aston Martin Valour is undoubtedly a coveted collector’s car, it does not compromise on performance. The inclusion of carbon ceramic brakes further enhances its capabilities, featuring 6-piston brake calipers at the front and 4-piston at the rear. Not only do these advanced brakes offer obvious superior performance compared to conventional steel brakes, but they also contribute to a weight reduction of 23 kg, resulting in enhanced agility and responsiveness.

Stepping back to appreciate the larger picture, the Valour showcases exquisite 21″ Honeycomb wheels. Crafted from lightweight forged alloy, these wheels not only add a touch of visual appeal, but also play a crucial role in improving the vehicle’s handling.

Moreover, the Aston Martin Valour proudly showcases a complete carbon fibre bodywork, incorporating notable design elements influenced by the legendary 1970s V8 Vantage. This craftsmanship results in clean, bold lines and an unmistakable presence that commands attention wherever it goes.

Aston Martin Valour top view

However, Aston Martin has not simply relied on past designs. Drawing upon 50 years of aerodynamic advancements, the Valour integrates modern aerodynamic principles to enhance its performance. The front splitter and diffuser work harmoniously to optimize airflow and reduce drag, maximizing the car’s efficiency.

At the rear, the rear screen panel features exoblades that create controlled vortexes, effectively channelling air towards the Kamm tail design. This strategic aerodynamic feature helps improve stability and further enhances the Valour’s overall performance on the road or track. Aston Martin’s commitment to marrying timeless design with contemporary aerodynamic thinking seems evident in every aspect.

Aston Martin Valour price and units

Limited to just 110 units, in commemoration of Aston Martin’s 110th anniversary, the Aston Martin Valour is an exclusive vehicle. While official pricing has not been confirmed, rumours suggest a starting price of around $1.5 million (CHF 1.35M – €1.4M – £1.2M).

Production of the Valour is set to start in the third quarter of 2023, with the first deliveries expected to take place in the fourth quarter of this year.

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