According to Georg Kacher, a well sourced journalist, Audi, that owns the bull, wishes to reduce costs. Plus the number of cylindres in the supercars: Lamborghini’s V12 might disappear. Text: Luca W. © Images: Lamborghini ©

The beggining of the end is now part of the present: Lamborghini will likely renounce to its history by saying Goodbye to the V12. An earthquake in the automotive world, where the epicentre is located in the fields of finance and ecology (EURO7 standards). To summarize, everything we love.

Audi estimates that it will cost $900 million to update/upgrade the V12 and the replacement of both the Aventador and the Huracan. Yet, Lamborghini (Stefano Domenicalli – CEO) says it would cost only $400 million. From which the Lamborghini V12 update would cost “only” $55 million.

Nonetheless, there is a small paradox here: why Audi would slow down a legendary brand like Lamborghini for emission issues? Remember they are selling ultra-powerful-polluting diesel cars. Impossible to tell for the moment, as the 4 rings is held to account to Volkswagen.

Will the L539 be the last V12 of the bull? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, call your banker and buy an Aventador because it probably will be the last of Lamborghini’s History.

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