The 2023 Goodwood Festival of Speed (FOS) was an exhilarating celebration of automotive excellence and performance, where the McLaren Solus GT got the best time in the climb. Set against the picturesque backdrop of the Goodwood Estate in West Sussex, England, this prestigious event brought together a captivating blend of historic and contemporary cars and passionate enthusiasts from around the world. Text: Luca W. © Images: McLaren Automotive ©

From iconic classic cars to cutting-edge supercars, the Festival of Speed offered a unique opportunity to witness a mesmerizing display of speed, power, and craftsmanship. With its rich heritage, atmosphere, and unparalleled line-up of cars and drivers, the Goodwood Festival of Speed once again proved to be one of the most highly anticipated and unforgettable events on the automotive calendar.

The 2023 FOS McLaren Solus GT video

McLaren’s best time in the Timed Shootout Final at the 2023 Goodwood Festival of Speed marked the pinnacle of their 60th anniversary celebrations. The performance of the McLaren Solus GT captivated spectators, showcasing its power and precision, as McLaren Factory Driver Marvin Kirchhöfer claimed a blistering time of 45.342 seconds. This win marked McLaren’s second Timed Shootout title in three years, following their performance in 2021. With only 25 customer cars being built, the Solus GT’s exclusive status, lightweight design, and impressive aerodynamics make it a true force on track.

The video game single-seater

The Solus GT emerged as a visionary concept born from the world of Gran Turismo, the renowned car and racing simulation video game. McLaren’s daring decision to transform this virtual design and performance into reality has resulted in a limited production of just 25 units, providing a unique opportunity for owners to immerse themselves in McLaren’s legacy of racing and track-focused vehicles. With its striking and aerodynamic carbon fibre monocoque, the Solus GT offers not only a radical appearance but also an enhanced driving experience, boasting a panoramic 180° view for the driver.

McLaren Solus GT cockpit

While the design may appear radical, it is not solely a product of fantasy but serves a functional purpose in optimizing aerodynamics. The aerodynamic pods strategically channel airflow, and the front splitter directs air into ground-effect tunnels before it exits through the rear diffuser, enhancing performance. Furthermore, the motorsport-inspired intake positioned above the cockpit ensures a steady supply of cool air for the engine.

McLaren Solus GT 3/4 front view

The Solus GT is an embodiment of both efficiency and fantasy, merging advanced engineering with captivating aesthetics to deliver a truly extraordinary driving experience.

Eargasm over efficiency?

The McLaren Solus GT showcases a derived JUDD GV5 engine, a powertrain with a history in the LMP1 category of the World Endurance Championship during the late 2000s. The Solus GT’s 5.2-litre V10 engine features bespoke components including a crankshaft, air intake, exhaust system, and enhanced capacity. With a remarkable power output of 840 PS (829 HP) and 650 Nm of torque, with a thrilling 10,000 RPM redline, the engine should deliver exhilarating performance.

Drawing inspiration from the original JUDD GV5, the Solus GT engine employs individual barrel throttles for each cylinder, optimizing airflow within the combustion chamber and improving fuel mixture. Furthermore, the camshafts and auxiliary systems are gear-driven, eliminating the need for chains and belts and enhancing long-term endurance and reliability.

McLaren Solus GT rear view

In true racing car fashion, the engine and the accompanying 7-speed sequential gearbox, featuring a carbon fibre clutch, are integrated into the carbon fibre chassis, resulting in a weight of just 1,000 kg. With a remarkable power-to-weight ratio of 1.19 PS/kg (1.17 HP/kg), the Solus GT is reminiscent of a true racing machine, and should deliver an unparalleled driving experience.

The synergistic blend of engineering and uncompromising focus in the McLaren Solus GT yields impressive performance figures. With an estimated target of 2.5 seconds, the Solus GT achieves the 0-100 km/h (62 mph) sprint in lightning-quick time. Additionally, the car boasts a breathtaking top speed that surpasses 322 kph (200 mph).

The McLaren Solus GT price

Limited to a production run of just 25 units (all sold), rumours suggest that the price of this vehicle could surpass $3.5 million (approx. £2.8 million, €3.1 million, CHF 3 million).

McLaren Solus GT wallpapers