A Tribute to Paul Walker

You may have heard that Paul Walker, the famous “Fast and Furious” actor has found death near Los Angeles, U.S.A., yesterday afternoon while he was at a charity meeting.

A red Porsche Carrera GT… This is his grave. The circumstances of the accident remain unknown, but the high speed is a factor that is not denied by the officers. Actually, he wasn’t driving : he was the passenger. Both of them were killed : the car hit a tree and started to inflame few minutes later.

The whole world of automotive is now mourning for him, as an icon of drag races and sports car saga : “Fast and Furious”. He came along with every passionate for more than ten years with these movies, which I hope, will be classic automotive movies. He was only 40 years old and really could have shared a lot more about his car passion than everyone else, through the movies.

Requiescat In Pace, Paul Walker, we will see you soon in the Heaven of Petrolheads.