Leaving the LMP1 class in the World Endurance Championship didn’t mean that Porsche would leave it at all. After missing the win at the 2019 24h of Le Mans in GTE Pro class, Porsche engineers took a step forward in the 911 RSR development. Text: Luca W. ©. Images: Porsche AG ©.

95 percents.

This high percentage simply illustrates the new parts that fit the car. According to Porsche, a few things have been carried over. The driver seat, the clutch, the brakes and some suspension parts, that’s it. Despite the look (over and above), everything inside has been changed in order to get more performance. The objective remains to win it all again. Led by Pascal Zurlinden, the development team has worked quite alot to get the best car as possible. The process started in 2017 and in March 2019, they did a 30 hours test at the Paul Ricard circuit. For this huge duration, they have covered 6000 km.

Don’t worry, it still has the 4.2L flat-6 engine (515 HP) with a wider rev range. It also has 2 side exhausts in order to save weight. Furthermore, it allows to have a better and of course bigger diffuser (and increase tire wear and stability).

The Porsche 911 RSR is also built to fit the following championships:

  • 24h Le Mans GT
  • IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship
  • World Endurance Championship GT
  • Video GT Sport

We can expect to see this car a lot! The only thing to correct is the noise, which sounds very different compared to the old one. Enough reading, let’s watch it.