We love Sundays. Sunday calls boredom to mind, mostly. On Sundays, you can go to Church, stay home with your girlfriend(s), or have a ride. Of course, driving on Sunday sounds good, but the police is never too far. What a boring day. Hopefully, Porsche cars exist. Text & Images : Luca W. ©

Hopefully, the Luxembourg Porsche Club has organized an experience day, to show people how good are Porsches on a racetrack. The Colmar-Berg circuit, the only one in Luxembourg, is owned by Goodyear Tires, in order to test their products. Honestly, the track perfectly fits for Sundays: boring. With a little step back it seems normal: the track fits to what the Goodyear engineers look for in a tire. Anyway, it does not fit for races and that is the big issue with this event.

Still, there are so many Porsche cars

Nevertheless, the car set was really good: a magnificent Carrera GT, a brand new demonstration 991 GT3 RS… and too many 991 GT3s. After observing the cars on the circuit, they seemed to be in their element.

Yet, not all of them. In fact, only the GT3’s owners could properly drive their cars, pushing them to almost to the limit, I guess. Pushing a Porsche to the limit is not an easy task, and some of the Porsche Club Luxembourg members clearly showed it.
Doubtlessly, I was disappointed by the behavior of some of the owners, which didn’t take the complete measure of a track event. Get an early apex when there is no one to overtake is kind of a huge mistake, and a big lack of experience. Without knowing me, they have found the perfect way to outrage me.

The Porsche Club Luxembourg Experience Day is not a waste of time : you can still see beautiful cars on a circuit. You can even have three laps on the track if you pay 50 to 150€, which go to charity.