Toyota is moving ever closer to greatness, clinching a fifth victory at the prestigious endurance race. Five in a row. Just like Audi a few years back, Toyota is making history at the 2022 Le Mans 24h. Text: Luca W. © Images: Thomas Z., ACO, 24h of Le Mans ©

The Le Mans 24h always start with the traditionnal drivers’ parade

There aren’t many races where fans get the opportunity to be that close to drivers outside the circuit. For almost 4 hours, drivers progress in the city center of Le Mans, signing autographs and throwing gifts to the 245,000 people being part in the same journey. Fans get almost the same feelings as the teams’ crew: they’re passionate. The air is full of dedication and excitment.

2022 Le Mans 24h parade city view
2022 24h Le Mans drivers’ parade – Place des Jacobins

This atmosphere simply feels supernatural, and there is no other place, no other event that delivers this type of emotion. It’s the reason why the 2022 Le Mans 24h is a celebration of the 90th edition, and why next year’s will be the centenary. Because we can’t see our calendar without that big red circle on this date. Because car makers need competition to develop new technologies and have a fight.

Hypercar category: Toyota’s second 1-2 finish

The 2022 Le Mans 24h winning belt was undisputed in the hypercar category: the competition was everything but a UFC close-fight. Nothing could stop the Japanese cars to seal the 1-2 finish. On track side, they seemed bossy, authoritarian with only one objective: make the others look stupid.

2022 Le Mans 24h Toyota race start
2022 Le Mans 24h race start – Toyotas lead

And they did: their cornering speed is insane, and their setup was simply perfect for the Sarthe track. Exempted from major reliability issues and pacy, they were never worried of other competitors. The only competition was internal, during the night, between Kobayashi #7 and Hirakawa #8 for the lead.

Some driving mistakes and a hybrid system issue slowed the #7 down, paving the way for the Toyota #8, for its fourth victory. Glickenhaus’ #709 secures a podium whilst the only Alpine running was suffocating behind LMP2 cars (due to an “unbalanced” BoP), after having clutch issues and having kissed the marbles.

2022 Le Mans 24h – Glickenhaus hypercar #708 at the Dunlop chicane
2022 Le Mans 24h – Glickenhaus hypercar #708

The 3 competitors (Toyota, Glickenhaus and Alpine) will be joined by Peugeot and Ferrari in the LMH category next year, also competing against LMDh cars.

2022 Le Mans 24h LMP2 category: WRT unlucky, JOTA wins

The pole-sitting Belgian team should forget this race. The hyperpole winner, the WRT #31, had a penalty just after the start. Consequence: a strategy shift, and obviously a gap just a few minutes after race start. The first hours were difficult for the team, and car #31 was forced to retire in the morning after a crash.

2022 Le Mans 24h - Jota #38 at the Dunlop chicane
2022 Le Mans 24h – Jota #38 at the Dunlop chicane

Previous year’s second, the #38 JOTA, flies over debates to get the win, even though the #9 Prema Orlen Team car was in its exhaust most of the time.

LM GTE-Pro category: Corvette gutted, battle between Porsche and Ferrari

The GTE-Pro category always comes with surprises, feasting us with round 2 between Porsche and Ferrari.

For the first 18 hours, it wasn’t supposed to happen. Until the dominating #64 Chevrolet Corvette C8.R got bumped by a LMP2 car and finished its 18 hours-long race in the barriers. The sister being retired for mechanical issues, the 2022 Le Mans 24h were over for the American team. A true heartbreaking situation, showing that this race gives absolutely nothing until the very end (2016 was also a good example).

2022 Le Mans 24h - Chevrolet Corvette C8.R #64
2022 Le Mans 24h – Chevrolet Corvette C8.R #64

As a consequence, this spectacular crash introduced a spectacular fight between the new leader, Ferrari, and the new chaser, Porsche. The #91 911 RSR was faster than the Ferrari, but not enough to make the move. The outcome was decided in the pits, where Porsche made a full pit-stop (fuel, tires, and driver) whilst AF Corse (Ferrari) just refueled.

Big decision, big consequences: 2 laps later, the #51 Ferrari 488 GTE has a puncture and is forced to pit. The #91 Porsche 911 RSR takes the lead, until the end of the race. The Porsche 911 RSR has not won this race since 2018. It did at the 2022 Le Mans 24h, in a swan song background.

2022 Le Mans 24h - The winning LM GTE-Pro Porsche 911 RSR #91 at the Dunlop chicane, on two wheels
2022 Le Mans 24h – The winning LM GTE-Pro Porsche 911 RSR #91 on two wheels

2022 is the last year for the LM GTE-Pro category in the World Endurance Championship, which will leave space for a new GT3-based category in 2024. Meanwhile, the GTE-Am will continue the beautiful GTE adventure until 2023.

LM GTE-Am category: Aston Martin repeats, but with another team

Second victory for TF Sport: the British team pushed its Aston Martin Vantage AMR to the checkered flag without any major issue until the very end of the race. Competing with fast-paced Porsche 911, the British crew had to be very cautious, preventing accidents or driving mistakes. This is the first victory for Marco Sorensen, the Aston Martin pro driver.

2022 Le Mans 24h - Aston Martin Vantage AMR TF Sport #33
2022 Le Mans 24h – Aston Martin Vantage AMR TF Sport #33

The GTE-Am category will be the only GT cars delegate. However, new cars and new carmakers are coming next year in the hypercar category, which will be, we are sure, a big step for the centenary of the 24h of Le Mans.

2022 Le Mans 24h wallpapers

2022 Le Mans 24h results: overall

Source: – 2022 Le Mans 24h official website

18Hypercar HTOYOTA GAZOO RACINGBUEMI Sébastien, HARTLEY Brendon, HIRAKAWA RyoToyota GR010 HYBRID#83803:27.90631
27Hypercar HTOYOTA GAZOO RACINGCONWAY Mike, KOBAYASHI Kamui, LOPEZ Jose MariaToyota GR010 HYBRID#73802:01.2223:27.74932
3709HypercarGLICKENHAUS RACINGBRISCOE Ryan, WESTBROOK Richard, MAILLEUX FranckGlickenhaus 007 LMH#7093755 laps3:28.22731
4708HypercarGLICKENHAUS RACINGPLA Olivier, DUMAS Romain, DERANI Luis FelipeGlickenhaus 007 LMH#70837010 laps3:27.76533
538LM P2JOTAGONZALEZ Roberto, DA COSTA Antonio Felix, STEVENS WilliamOreca 07 - Gibson#3836911 laps3:31.72141
69LM P2PREMA ORLEN TEAMKUBICA Robert, DELETRAZ Louis, COLOMBO LorenzoOreca 07 - Gibson#936911 laps3:32.33542
728LM P2JOTARASMUSSEN Oliver, JONES Edward, ABERDEIN JonathanOreca 07 - Gibson#2836812 laps3:32.75042
813LM P2TDS RACING X VAILLANTEDE VRIES Nyck, BECHE Mathias, VAN DER HELM TijmenOreca 07 - Gibson#1336812 laps3:31.72842
95LM P2TEAM PENSKECAMERON Dane, COLLARD Emmanuel, NASR FelipeOreca 07 - Gibson#536812 laps3:31.91041
1023LM P2UNITED AUTOSPORTS USALYNN Alexander, JARVIS Oliver, PIERSON JoshuaOreca 07 - Gibson#2336812 laps3:32.43649
1137LM P2COOL RACINGYE Yifei, TAYLOR Ricky, KRUETTEN NiklasOreca 07 - Gibson#3736713 laps3:31.42144
1248LM P2IDEC SPORTLAFARGUE Paul, CHATIN Paul Loup, PILET PatrickOreca 07 - Gibson#4836614 laps3:31.60143
131LM P2RICHARD MILLE RACINGWADOUX Lilou, OGIER Sébastien, MILESI CharlesOreca 07 - Gibson#136614 laps3:33.51342
1422LM P2UNITED AUTOSPORTS USAHANSON Philip, ALBUQUERQUE Filipe, OWEN WillOreca 07 - Gibson#2236614 laps3:32.62843
1532LM P2TEAM WRTINEICHEN Rolf, BORTOLOTTI Mirko, VANTHOOR DriesOreca 07 - Gibson#3236614 laps3:30.94643
1665LM P2PANIS RACINGCANAL Julien, JAMIN Nicolas, VAN UITERT JobOreca 07 - Gibson#6536614 laps3:31.09743
1734LM P2INTER EUROPOL COMPETITIONSMIECHOWSKI Jakub, BRUNDLE Alex, GUTIERREZ EstebanOreca 07 - Gibson#3436515 laps3:33.66341
1843LM P2INTER EUROPOL COMPETITIONHEINEMEIER-HANSSON David, SCHERER Fabio, FITTIPALDI PietroOreca 07 - Gibson#4336416 laps3:33.13743
1945LM P2 P/AALGARVE PRO RACINGTHOMAS Steven, ALLEN James, BINDER RenéOreca 07 - Gibson#4536317 laps3:32.62942
2024LM P2 P/ANIELSEN RACINGSALES Rodrigo, BELL Matthew, HANLEY BenOreca 07 - Gibson#2436218 laps3:33.56244
2141LM P2REALTEAM BY WRTANDRADE Rui, HABSBURG Ferdinand, NATO NormanOreca 07 - Gibson#4136218 laps3:30.91843
223LM P2 P/ADKR ENGINEERINGHORR Laurents, GLORIEUX Jean, COUGNAUD AlexandreOreca 07 - Gibson#336218 laps3:33.60141
2336HypercarALPINE ELF TEAMNEGRÃO André, LAPIERRE Nicolas, VAXIVIERE MatthieuAlpine A480 - Gibson#3636218 laps3:30.03034
2483LM P2 P/AAF CORSEPERRODO François, NIELSEN Nicklas, ROVERA AlessioOreca 07 - Gibson#8336119 laps3:32.94943
2547LM P2 P/AALGARVE PRO RACINGFLOERSCH Sophia, FALB John, AITKEN JackOreca 07 - Gibson#4736119 laps3:31.65242
2644LM P2 P/AARC BRATISLAVAKONOPKA Miroslav, VISCAAL Bent, VAUTIER TristanOreca 07 - Gibson#4436020 laps3:32.22944
2710LM P2VECTOR SPORTMÜLLER Nico, CULLEN Ryan, BOURDAIS SébastienOreca 07 - Gibson#1035723 laps3:31.11542
2891LM GTE ProPORSCHE GT TEAMBRUNI Gianmaria, LIETZ Richard, MAKOWIECKI FrédéricPorsche 911 RSR - 19#9135030 laps3:49.06024
2951LM GTE ProAF CORSEPIER GUIDI Alessandro, CALADO James, SERRA DanielFerrari 488 GTE Evo#5135030 laps3:49.10926
3052LM GTE ProAF CORSEMOLINA Miguel, FUOCO Antonio, RIGON DavideFerrari 488 GTE Evo#5234931 laps3:49.19624
3192LM GTE ProPORSCHE GT TEAMCHRISTENSEN Michael, ESTRE Kevin, VANTHOOR LaurensPorsche 911 RSR - 19#9234832 laps3:48.35623
3274LM GTE ProRILEY MOTORSPORTSFRAGA Felipe, BIRD Sam, VAN GISBERGEN ShaneFerrari 488 GTE Evo#7434733 laps3:49.39126
3339LM P2 P/AGRAFF RACINGTROUILLET Eric, PAGE Sébastien, DROUX DavidOreca 07 - Gibson#3934436 laps3:33.26740
3433LM GTE AmTF SPORTKEATING Ben, CHAVES Henrique, SØRENSEN MarcoAston Martin VANTAGE AMR#3334337 laps3:53.26624
3579LM GTE AmWEATHERTECH RACINGMACNEIL Cooper, ANDLAUER Julien, MERRILL ThomasPorsche 911 RSR - 19#7934337 laps3:50.44524
3698LM GTE AmNORTHWEST AMRDALLA LANA Paul, PITTARD David, THIIM NickiAston Martin VANTAGE AMR#9834238 laps3:52.90825
3786LM GTE AmGR RACINGWAINWRIGHT Michael, PERA Riccardo, BARKER BenjaminPorsche 911 RSR - 19#8634040 laps3:50.84826
3888LM GTE AmDEMPSEY – PROTON RACINGPOORDAD Fred, ROOT Maxwell, HEYLEN JanPorsche 911 RSR - 19#8834040 laps3:51.06725
3954LM GTE AmAF CORSEFLOHR Thomas, CASTELLACCI Francesco, CASSIDY NickFerrari 488 GTE Evo#5434040 laps3:52.72225
4085LM GTE AmIRON DAMESFREY Rahel, GATTING Michelle, BOVY SarahFerrari 488 GTE Evo#8533941 laps3:54.04428
4121LM GTE AmAF CORSEMANN Simon, ULRICH Christoph, VILANDER ToniFerrari 488 GTE Evo#2133941 laps3:53.25425
4261LM GTE AmAF CORSEPRETTE Louis, GRUNEWALD Conrad, ABRIL VincentFerrari 488 GTE Evo#6133941 laps3:52.74228
4355LM GTE AmSPIRIT OF RACECAMERON Duncan, GRIFFIN Matthew, PEREL DavidFerrari 488 GTE Evo#5533941 laps3:53.72226
4499LM GTE AmHARDPOINT MOTORSPORTHARYANTO Andrew, PICARIELLO Alessio, RUMP MartinPorsche 911 RSR - 19#9933842 laps3:51.33224
4557LM GTE AmKESSEL RACINGKIMURA Takeshi, SCHANDORFF Frederik, JENSEN MikkelFerrari 488 GTE Evo#5733644 laps3:53.39826
4680LM GTE AmIRON LYNXCRESSONI Matteo, FISICHELLA Giancarlo, HEISTAND RichardFerrari 488 GTE Evo#8033644 laps3:53.64028
4777LM GTE AmDEMPSEY – PROTON RACINGRIED Christian, PRIAULX Sebastian, TINCKNELL HarryPorsche 911 RSR - 19#7733644 laps3:51.43825
4835LM P2 P/AULTIMATELAHAYE Jean-Baptiste, LAHAYE Matthieu, HERIAU FrançoisOreca 07 - Gibson#3533545 laps3:35.84240
4927LM P2 P/ACD SPORTCRESP Christophe, JENSEN Michael, PALETTE StevenLigier JSP217 - Gibson#2733347 laps3:36.47841
5066LM GTE AmJMW MOTORSPORTVAN DER ZANDE Renger, KVAMME Mark, HART JasonFerrari 488 GTE Evo#6633149 laps3:55.04125
5193LM GTE AmPROTON COMPETITIONFASSBENDER Michael, CAMPBELL Matt, ROBICHON ZachariePorsche 911 RSR - 19#9332951 laps3:51.74527
5230LM P2DUQUEINE TEAMBRADLEY Richard, ROJAS Guillermo, DE GERUS ReshadOreca 07 - Gibson#3032654 laps3:32.43641
5375LM GTE AmIRON LYNXEHRET Pierre, HOOK Christian, VARRONE NicolasFerrari 488 GTE Evo#7532456 laps3:54.09328
5460LM GTE AmIRON LYNXSCHIAVONI Claudio, BALZAN Alessandro, GIAMMARIA RaffaeleFerrari 488 GTE Evo#6028991 laps3:53.76522
5531LM P2WRTGELAEL Sean, FRIJNS Robin, RAST RenéOreca 07 - Gibson#3128595 laps3:32.13635
5664LM GTE ProCORVETTE RACINGMILNER Tommy, TANDY Nick, SIMS AlexanderChevrolet Corvette C8.R#64260120 laps3:48.77118
5756LM GTE AmTEAM PROJECT 1IRIBE Brendan, MILLROY Oliver, BARNICOAT BenPorsche 911 RSR - 19#56241139 laps3:52.04617
5863LM GTE ProCORVETTE RACINGGARCIA Antonio, TAYLOR Jordan, CATSBURG NickyChevrolet Corvette C8.R#63214166 laps3:49.69616
5959LM GTE AmINCEPTION RACINGWEST Alexander, LEDOGAR Côme, KLEIN MarvinFerrari 488 GTE Evo#59190190 laps3:54.37914
6071LM GTE AmSPIRIT OF RACEDEZOTEUX Franck, RAGUES Pierre, AUBRY GabrielFerrari 488 GTE Evo#71127253 laps3:54.37411
61777LM GTE AmD’STATION RACINGHOSHINO Satoshi, FUJII Tomonobu, FAGG CharlesAston Martin VANTAGE AMR#777112268 laps3:53.9779
6246LM GTE AmTEAM PROJECT 1CAIROLI Matteo, PEDERSEN Mikkel, LEUTWILER NicolasPorsche 911 RSR - 19#4677303 laps3:51.31810